The United States Workplace Wellness Alliance is a broad-based, national organization of businesses, health care advocates, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to the vision that a healthier U.S. workforce produces a stronger and fiscally healthier U.S. economy poised to compete in the global marketplace.
The confluence of rising health care costs and the worsening status of employee health are threatening corporate viability and making the American health care system unsustainable.  As the largest provider of health care coverage, employers offer the potential to exert transformative leadership.  Business leaders, however, are struggling to find solutions to contain ballooning health care costs-costs that encompass more than just the direct cost of employee health care coverage.  Improving health and controlling costs requires legislative action as well as governmental and business leaders' investment in workforce health through employee health management programs including worksite health promotion or wellness programs.

Mission and Goals

The United States Workplace Wellness Alliance's mission is to improve the health status of the U.S. workforce by increasing the number of U.S. businesses that incorporate sound employee health management initiatives that include worksite health promotion/wellness programs into their corporate and health care strategies.
The Alliance endeavors to achieve this mission through advocacy and education.  The primary goals of the alliance are to:
  • Educate policymakers and employers about the importance of health management initiatives including health promotion or wellness activities and related legislation.
  • Develop and advocate for tax-credit and other legislation that promotes worksite health promotion programs and other health management initiatives.
  • Disseminate information on leading practices for managing employee health, evidence about effective workplace wellness programs, and other information regarding employee health programs to businesses, including hospitals, health plans, and benefit associations.
A secondary goal of the Alliance is to facilitate American's ability to track their own health and to obtain information on conditions, treatment options, and quality technology.

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